What is Pong Upgraded:

Pong Upgraded is a remake of the popular Atari Game “PONG.” In this remake the reason it is “Upgraded” is that you can gain power-ups that do things like make your paddle bigger, or make your paddle move faster up and down, or make the ball go faster or slower.

Why I made it:

On Khan Academy they have contest where they will decide a theme, and then you have to make the game in the time limit they set. When I was looking around their website one day, I saw that they had a contest where you had to remake a retro game and I thought “I should make Pong, but it should have something different than normal.” So after a few days of making the basics of the game I thought of adding power-ups to it, so I did.

What programming language I wrote it in:

I wrote it in the programming language Processing JS, which I learned on Khan Academy.

Where to Play it: