In HTML there are a bunch of things called Tags. Tags are things that tell the web browser what to display on that part of the page and how to do it. I am going to list some of the basic tags you will need and how to use them.

Headings – h1 to h6

The headings tags



Paragraph – p

The paragraph tag does just what you would expect it to do, it tells the browser to display the text just like normal.



Link – a

The link tag is used inside of other tags to make the text it surrounds a link.

<p><a href="">ReyGames</a></p>


Image – img

The Image tag is the tag that lets you see the Logo on the top of the page.

<img src="">


Section – div

A div is basically a container for multiple other tags to either sort them or to use CSS on a whole group of things instead of doing it individually




By Jeffrey


Help Me! I am trapped in a div!!!


Span – span

A span is similar to a div, but instead of using it to contain tags you use it similarly to the link tag by using it inside of another tag.

<p>This is a really <span>cool</span> website!</p>

List – ul, ol and li

A list is exactly what it sounds like. Its a list. the ul tag makes a un-ordered list, the ol tag makes an ordered list and the li tag is how the browser knows what each line is and goes inside of the ul or ol.

<li>I am not ordered</li>
<li>I'm not either!!!</li>

<li>I am ordered</li>
<li>I'm very sad...</li>



Lesson 1 – Setting up a blank page

Lesson 3 – (Not Made)